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Snowdrops vs. Oldhands – Czech Coal Chess Match 2011

Round 7

Although the result of the match has been almost decided, the Snowdrops came into the seventh round with heads held high and tried to make the best with white stones.

Maryia Muzychuk, the only one of the Snowdrops who has not been defeated in the whole tournament, had quite a promising position in the game against Robert Hübner. However, in the middle game she did not orientate well and the black managed to simplify the position and the game was drawn. Also the game Natalia Pogonina against Rafael Vaganian resulted in a draw, in which on the other hand black did not manage to utilize a small advantage.

In the round the Oldhands took the lead again. Boris Gulko won with black pieces against Eva Kulovana in thirty moves, so the Snowdrops could only hope for a draw. As usual at this tournament, Vlastimil Hort played the last game, this time against Tania Sadchev. An interesting battle went into a both sides time pressure and the advantage was on either side several times. The game ended in perpetual check, which was probably a fair result for both. The Oldhands won closely the seventh round with a result of 2,5:1,5.

Muzyčuk-Hübner 1/2
Kulovaná-Gulko 0-1
Pogonina-Vaganjan 1/2
Sachdev-Hort 1/2

Snowdrops vs Old-Hands 10:18

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