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Gibraltar 2018 aneb Buď zDRAW!

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Manažer se smyslem pro černý humor
Keď chceš Boha rozosmiať, povedz mu svoje plány

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Simultánky s Garrim

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Mistrovství světa v Agricole aneb od šachovnice k ovečk...

Martin Habina

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Šachy s prezidentským kandidátem

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Napoleon Bonaparte a šachy...

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New Books


The most beautiful studies and problems of Mario Matouš, the best Czech chess composer of the 20th century, and bizarre chess stories of Pavel Houser connected by illustrations of Kristina Peřichová into one splendid book. The book was published also in limited numbered edition (100 copies), bound in imitation leather with an embossed diagram, paper cover and sewn ribbon bookmark. On 240 pages you will found 45 studies and problems, 22 stories and 36 illustrations. The book is supplemented by biographies of both of the authors and several yet non-published photos. The book was published by Prague chess society in 2014.

(limited edition in imitation leather - 999 CZK + postage)

333,- Kč (+ postage)

The book can be ordered at an e-mail address Please give your full name, address and phone number.

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Lucky Eleven

Lucky Eleven

[14.07.2022] - The Czech representative David Navara defeated the Indian Grandmaster S.L. Narayanan 7: 6 thanks to a win in the final Armageddon, and thus won the ČEZ CHESS TROPHY 2022. Before that, the last time was eleven years ago, when the eleven-time national champion David Navara won the ČEZ CHESS TROPHY festival. At that time in 2011, world champion Visvanathan Anand also visited Prague and the best Czech chess player defeated the Armenian Grandmaster Sergei Movsesyan 3.5-2.5. This year, Grandmaster Anand was invited to Prague again (he could not come due to a time collision with the Norway Chess t... [all]

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Indian-themed festival in Prague

Indian-themed festival in Prague

[11.05.2022] - 

A traditional Prague chess festival ČEZ CHESS TROPHY is coming back, and this year it is going to be all about India. Young Indian grandmasters are dominating tournaments all over the world - right now, India has seven players in the top 100, and another eleven are close to joining the ranks! On top of that, India has seven grandmasters between the ages of 15 and 18.
This year´s opponent of the best Czech player David Navara is going to be S.L. Narayanan from Kerala. They will compete in a match consisting of 10 games of rapid chess, and the festival will take place between May 31 and... [all]

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Charity simul GM Navara

Chess players against covid and tornado

Chess players against covid and tornado

[08.07.2021] - 

Amongst the many people who participated in this charitable simul of the best Czech chess player David Navara were prime minister Andrej Babiš, a member of the Parliament Patrik Nacher, or former minister of health Roman Prymula. Alongside another seventeen chess players and many others, they financially contributed to Kerala vaccination fund (Kerala is a state in south-west India) and to a south Moravia winery Brázdová that was heavily damaged by a tornado.
Twenty chess players took the opportunity to play against grandmaster Navara in beautiful Grégr hall of Municipal House (Obecní ... [all]

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Chess Festival 2020

Art Nouveau secrets of the Grandmaster duel

Art Nouveau secrets of the Grandmaster duel

[09.10.2020] - The legend of British chess, the challenger of world champion Kasparov and the current vice-president of FIDE Nigel Short will be a guest of the 18th year of the Prague Chess Festival organized by Pavel Matocha.
Grandmaster Short (55 years old) will compete in a 10 games match in rapid chess with the youngest Czech Grandmaster Thai Dai Van Nguyen (18 years old) from Saturday 10 October to Monday 12 October in the beautiful hall of the Municipal House in Prague.

Due to anti-coronavirus epidemiological measures, spectators are not allowed to access sports events, so the Grandmaster... [all]

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Chess Train 2019

Prusikin as Marcus Aurelius

Prusikin as Marcus Aurelius

[18.10.2019] - While in the case of Roman Empire, Trenčín was the northernmost point of its territory, in the case of this year's Chess Train, it was the easternmost point on its way.

At the beginning of our era, when the Romans pushed the boundaries of their empire closer to the Danube River and built their ingenious system of fortifications called Limes Romanus, they gradually set up fortified camps north of the Danube, too. In Trencin they left the original proof of their presence – the memorial inscription on the vertical wall of the castle rock commemorating the victory of emperor Marcus Aure... [all]

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Chess Train 2019

Indian Summer in Krumlov

Indian Summer in Krumlov

[14.10.2019] - German Grandmaster Michael Prusikin´s smooth ride continues on the third day, after seven rounds he still has a faultless score. This year's Chess Train also rides confidently through the countryside in wonderful weather.

Second place is shared by Lumir Mrazek, Ladislav Langner, Bram Van Den Berg and Matias Jolowicz (6,5 points). In the team competition, Team Bavaria (16.5 points) leads closely before Silesia Team (16 points) and Team Schaakhuis (14 points). Czech Railways (13.5 points) and the Ministry of Transport (12.5 points) follow. There are four rounds left until the end of t... [all]

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Chess Train 2019

Memories of previous tournaments and faithful deceased

Memories of previous tournaments and faithful deceased

[12.10.2019] - The Chess Train is dropping us off at the railway station in Karlovy Vary, the sun is appearing, and we are expecting to have a wonderful weather all the way. As in previous years. They love us above, moreover, there are already three of the faithful participants of the Chess Train of previous years - Marianne Hartlaub, Johann Slacik and Jon Loman.

From the Imperial Hotel, where the famous Carlsbad chess tournament was played in 1923, we come down to the center by a funicular. Karlovy Vary is a live city with a lot of visitors even now in the middle of October, when we would expect th... [all]

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