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Sights and landmarks of Olomouc

The old university town of Olomouc was the medieval centre of Moravia and until the Thirty Years' War also the third biggest town of the Lands of the Bohemian Crown (with only Prague and Wroclaw being bigger). Since 13th century it has got a checkered eagle in its coat of arms.
In the historical centre of the town, situated between two arms of Morava river, several large squares – which started being shaped already in 11th century - are situated. On the Horní náměstí (Upper Square) the Town Hall with Astronomical Clock from 15th century, Hercules, Arion and Caesar Fountain, as well as UNESCO monument the Holy Trinity Column, built in 1740, can be found.
Also significant is St.Wenceslav Cathedral, where in 1469 part of Bohemian and Moravian Estates declared the Hungarian king Matthias Corvinus the King of Bohemia. The tomb of the Czech king Wenceslav III, killed in 1306 in Olomouc, is also situated in the cathedral.

The Holy Trinity Column situated on the main Olomouc square is on UNESCO World Heritage List.

St.Wenceslav Cathedral, where in 1469 Matthias Corvinus was declared the King of Bohemia and where the tomb of the Czech king Wenceslav III is situated.

Olomouc is a city with a number of beautiful fountains.

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