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Games and photogalery

Chess Train 2015

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ČEZ Chess Trophy 2015

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Chess Train 2014

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Snowdrops and Oldhands - Vršanská uhelná chess match 2013

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New Books


The most beautiful studies and problems of Mario Matouš, the best Czech chess composer of the 20th century, and bizarre chess stories of Pavel Houser connected by illustrations of Kristina Peřichová into one splendid book. The book was published also in limited numbered edition (100 copies), bound in imitation leather with an embossed diagram, paper cover and sewn ribbon bookmark. On 240 pages you will found 45 studies and problems, 22 stories and 36 illustrations. The book is supplemented by biographies of both of the authors and several yet non-published photos. The book was published by Prague chess society in 2014.

(limited edition in imitation leather - 999 CZK + postage)

333,- Kč (+ postage)

The book can be ordered at an e-mail address Please give your full name, address and phone number.

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Swedish grandmaster is fleeing

Swedish grandmaster is fleeing

[12.10.2015] - Experienced Swedish grandmaster Lars Karlsson is on the 1st place with 7,5 points out of the 8 games. After 4 days he has the margin of the full point out of the next two players - GM Julio Sadorra and GM Raj Tischbierek. The best from the Czech chess players is Jaroslav Satranský (6 points), who in the 8th round defeated Jan Klaus (5 points). The 1st among the women is WIM Martina Kořenová (5 points).
In the team competition the Sweden@USA is leading. One point behind is the Team 50 Moves (the winner of the last year) and on the 3rd place is the Club GROP.

The Chess Train ... [all]

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Grandmasters from Philippines, Sweden and Germany are leading

Grandmasters from Philippines, Sweden and Germany are leading

[11.10.2015] - Chairman of the board of Czech Railways Pavel Krtek played one chess game in the lounge car of the Chess Train 2015, wished good luck to all the participants and announced, that chess will be part of the on-board games portal on Pendolino and Railjet trains.

The Chess Train 2015 started on Friday October 9th. The 1st part of its ride went to Dresden, the 2nd to Wroclav next day. Grandmasters Julio Sadorra (Philippines), Lars Karlsson (Sweden) and Raj Tischbierek (Germany) won their games in the first 4 rounds.

The festive opening of the Chess Train 2015. From the left: ch... [all]

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Record number of participants and guests from all over the world

Record number of participants and guests from all over the world

[06.10.2015] - The chess locomotive is being prepared in the depot, the last preparations are coming to an end. On Friday 9 October at 10 am, the Chess Train will depart from the Prague Main Railway Station to start its fifth journey across Central Europe. This year it will even be with 11 carriages, named after the world champions of chess history, because it will carry a record number of chess players.

The Chess Train 2015 is setting off on the route Prague - Dresden - Wroclaw - Bratislava - Vienna - Prague, during which 122 chess players from 19 different national federations will compete in a 11... [all]

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Chess Train 2015 – Prize Fund

Ski jumpers on the Chess Train

Ski jumpers on the Chess Train

[03.10.2015] - Next week and already for the fifth time, the Chess Train will depart on its journey; a train unique not only because of its whole concept, a smart combination of chess and travelling, but also because of its prize fund.

And what can you win? The prize fund includes not only the nice sum of CZK 40,000 for the open rapid chess tournament, but also many interesting and valuable material prizes. This means for example Kilometre Banks for free travelling on board of Czech Railways trains, a one-year EURO magazine subscription, ChessBase DVDs (including the current Mega Database of games... [all]

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Grandmaster Neuman won while flying over the Český Kras

Grandmaster Neuman won while flying over the Český Kras

[23.09.2015] - Grandmaster Petr Neuman won the historically first chess match in a balloon when he defeated grandmaster Martin Petr during their flight over the Český Kras. On Saturday 12th September they flew in a hot air balloon from Karlštejn to Hýskov.

The balloon chess match was organised by the Prague Chess Society as part of the balloon fiesta on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Balonklub Praha. First, two balloons filled with hydrogen took off from the Letenská pláň in Prague and they soon rose up to the height of 1.5 km, where a convenient west wind was blowing. Meanwhile, the grandm... [all]

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A long journey along the river and to castle ruins with the grandmaster

A long journey along the river and to castle ruins with the grandmaster

[22.09.2015] - On the last August Friday, fifteen chess players went on a fifteen kilometres long journey to the ruins of the castle Navarov, in order to launch the luxurious edition of David Navara’s book Můj šachový svět and to play a simul with the grandmaster at the end.

From Plavy in the Jizerské Mountains we took the picturesque Palacký track along the Kamenice River towards the south. During the journey we detoured only once: to the ruins of the mystical castle Navarov. No one knows why the castle was built and how it managed to function, as there were no villages around to support it. The ba... [all]

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Grandmasters‘ net play

Grandmasters‘ net play

[20.09.2015] - The chess grandmasters Sergei Movsesian and Petr Neuman did not meet over the chessboard, but at the tennis and volleyball net instead. They took part in the second Triathlon of Mixed Doubles organised by the Prague Chess Society. On the last and tropical August Saturday, the grandmasters first competed on clay tennis courts at Hamrsport in Záběhlice, and then on grass volleyball courts at the U svatého Kryštofa Penzion, where they continued with playing chess in doubles.

All the great sport events (Olympics, Football World Cup) take place once every four years and the same applies t... [all]

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