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Vlado Hrtko
Manažer se smyslem pro černý humor
Příklad snobismu II. alebo „Tri odpovede pánovi Kalendo...

Otakar Válek
ředitel strojírenské firmy
Škodí nebo prospívá?

David Navara
nejlepší český šachista

Michal Špaček
Amatérský šachista, profesionální ekonom
Pozdeň - šachová

Vlastimil Chládek
ředitel Dopravních staveb Brno

Luděk Sedlák
skladatel studií a vydavatel Šemíka
Kouzelná úloha mistra Josefa Maršálka

Pavel Matocha
předseda Pražské šachové společnosti
Bohyně, zbojníci a arcibiskupové

Ján Markoš
nejlepší slovenský šachista a teolog
Šedá zóna

David Kaňovský
šachový mezinárodní mistr
Mistrovství světa v Agricole aneb od šachovnice k ovečk...

Martin Habina

Igor Němec
předseda Úřadu na ochranu osobních údajů
Šachy s prezidentským kandidátem

Štěpán Žilka
šachový mezinárodní mistr
Druhé Vánoce

Jan Hofírek
otec a trenér
Napoleon Bonaparte a šachy...

Vítězslav Houška
spisovatel a publicista
Slet šachových celebrit na Kampě

Soňa Pertlová
šachová mezinárodní mistryně
PF 2011

Games and photogalery

Chess Train 2014

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Snowdrops and Oldhands - Vršanská uhelná chess match 2013

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Czech - Slovak Chess Match of Managers

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Chess Train 2013

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New Books


The most beautiful studies and problems of Mario Matouš, the best Czech chess composer of the 20th century, and bizarre chess stories of Pavel Houser connected by illustrations of Kristina Peřichová into one splendid book. The book was published also in limited numbered edition (100 copies), bound in imitation leather with an embossed diagram, paper cover and sewn ribbon bookmark. On 240 pages you will found 45 studies and problems, 22 stories and 36 illustrations. The book is supplemented by biographies of both of the authors and several yet non-published photos. The book was published by Prague chess society in 2014.

(limited edition in imitation leather - 999 CZK + postage)

333,- Kč (+ postage)

The book can be ordered at an e-mail address Please give your full name, address and phone number.

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Inspiration for the participants of the Chess Train

Châteaux, Rocks, Medieval cities and Spas

Châteaux, Rocks, Medieval cities and Spas

[22.04.2015] - Extend your Chess Train trip across Central Europe by spending a few days in the Czech Republic. Everyone praises Prague for its beauties (and rightfully so), but if you would like to extend your stay in the heart of Europe by two or three days, you can treat yourself to other extraordinary experiences as well. Let us inspire you.
There are three diverse trip options which we can recommend you. The first one is the West Bohemian spas; the second one is the rocks and châteaux in the Bohemian Paradise; the third one is the small and picturesque towns on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
... [all]

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Chess posters

Master Velíšek’s painting

Master Velíšek’s painting

[21.04.2015] - After years of silence, the well-known artist Martin Velíšek has begun to paint again and one of his new works is a poster for the ČEZ CHESS TROPHY 2015 chess festival. The two depicted chess players radiate great concentration and energy, but also cheerful playfulness. Maybe they are playing, maybe they are just analysing; they stand at the chessboard like carved statues, objects of our interest and observation.

The chess festival, which will see a play of the best Czech chess player David Navara against the 7th best player in the world, the Filipino American grandmaster Wesley So, w... [all]

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Chess Train 2015

Exciting journey over the Europe

Exciting journey over the Europe

[08.04.2015] - Join us on an exciting journey with the Chess Train 2015 and take part in a 12-round rapid chess tournament on the train. In the morning you will travel on the train and enjoy a tasty lunch at the buffet car, in the afternoon and evening you will have free time for sightseeing in the town.

The train departs from Prague, the most beautiful city in the heart of Europe, and this year you can also look forward to visiting Dresden in Germany, Wroclaw in Poland, Bratislava in Slovakia and Vienna in Austria. In each city you will spend the night at a hotel and in the morning you will meet t... [all]

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ČEZ Chess Trophy 2015

Number seven of world ranking will play in Prague

Number seven of world ranking will play in Prague

[20.02.2015] - Filipino-American grandmaster Wesley So, who is popular by his attractive and aggressive style and well known for the last years winning of Millionairs tournament in Las Vegas and even for the split of the second place in Wijk aan Zee supertournament. How does he play and what is he like? These questions can be solved for Czech fans in June.

Grandmaster Wesley So has agreed to invitation of Prague Chess Society to play against Czech number one David Navara within the ČEZ CHESS TROPHY 2015. This chess festival starts on Friday June 12th by the simultaneous display of grandmaster So ag... [all]

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Chess on wenceslas square

New chess cafe in Prague

New chess cafe in Prague

[03.12.2014] - It used to be fun... Famous chess cafe U Nováků in Vodičkova street, or a chess cave above sweet-shop of Tatran hotel on Wenceslas square. These chess oasis are long gone and some of the grouches said that they are gone forever. But next week, all of the faithful ones will be pleased. On Thursday, December 11th at 5PM a new chess cafe will be opened in the center of Prague! A new place to get a Lamborghini coffee and sit by a chess table will be opened right on the Wenceslas square in hotel Juliš.

But wait, there will be more... There will be also a chess library with several hund... [all]

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Chess Train 2014

The new king of the train

The new king of the train

[14.10.2014] - You could hardly imagine more dramatic ending. David Kaňovský had definitely the best start of the fifth day. He won the 10th round and so he was one point ahead of the three grandmasters. But...

But don´t count your chicken before they hatch. David Kaňovský surrendered during the last two rounds and he did not even make it to the podium. The final result was that the winner of the Chess Train 2013, Vlastimil Hort, was 3rd, the winner of the Chess Train 2012, Martin Petr, was 2nd and Ian Rogers was 1st.

So the Australian grandmaster won the dramatic tournament full of sur... [all]

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Chess Train 2014

The end is near!

The end is near!

[14.10.2014] - The fighting over the lead in the tournament is close to its end. After the three rounds of the fourth day. Currently leading GM Ian Rogers was joined by IM David Kaňovský who won over GM Vlastimil Hort in a really beautiful game with several sacrifices. These two players with 7,5 points are closely followed by GM Vlastimil Hort and GM Petr Neuman with 7 points.
But still, this is not the final state. There are three rounds remaining and so even other players can change it. Especially those with 6,5 points as GM Martin Petr and Oleg Maksimov.
The fight is no less breathtaking on ... [all]

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