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"Sto roků v šachtě žil"

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Caissa a tajemný odkaz barona Kempelena

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O škodlivosti čtení

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Manažer se smyslem pro černý humor

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Mistrovství světa v Agricole aneb od šachovnice k ovečk...

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Snowdrops and Oldhands - Vršanská uhelná chess match 2013

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Czech - Slovak Chess Match of Managers

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Chess Train 2013

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New Books


The most beautiful studies and problems of Mario Matouš, the best Czech chess composer of the 20th century, and bizarre chess stories of Pavel Houser connected by illustrations of Kristina Peřichová into one splendid book. The book was published also in limited numbered edition (100 copies), bound in imitation leather with an embossed diagram, paper cover and sewn ribbon bookmark. On 240 pages you will found 45 studies and problems, 22 stories and 36 illustrations. The book is supplemented by biographies of both of the authors and several yet non-published photos. The book was published by Prague chess society in 2014.

(limited edition in imitation leather - 999 CZK + postage)

333,- Kč (+ postage)

The book can be ordered at an e-mail address Please give your full name, address and phone number.

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Czech Open Pardubice

He lost, because he did not read Chess Weekly

He lost, because he did not read Chess Weekly

[21.07.2014] - Grandmaster David Navara become the champion of the Czech Republic in rapid chess also thanks to his penultimate game with young Indonesian Luthfi Ali Muhammad. The words of Czech grandmaster: "It was his bad luck that he did not read the Šachový týdeník (Chess weekly magazine) because in the double issue of 22-23/2013 I specifically commented on the game Navara - Bernášek and I even disprove the losing move 14...Nxe4? which was the one the young Indonesian choose. It was not too hard for me to find myself a few of my own moves and with the pace of 15 min. + 10 sec/move I had over 14 minutes r... [all]

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Chess Train 2014

To Himalayas as well as to Mars

To Himalayas as well as to Mars

[20.07.2014] - Painter and traveler Miroslav Pošvic has joined the artists that painted the poster for the Chess Train. In previous years you could admire works of Richard Cortés and Jiří Slíva and now you can do the same with the work of painter and sculptor from Újezd pod Troskami.

His interpretation of the motive of Chess Train is awesomely summarized by train dispatcher with chess mask. Miroslav Pošvic profiles himself especially as a master of lithography. He had lots of exhibitions of his work in the Czech Republic as well as abroad and his work was accurately described by Terezie Zemánková: ... [all]

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Chess Train 2014

Cafes in Vienna

Cafes in Vienna

[07.07.2014] - At the turn of 19th and 20th century, Austrian capital was a chess mecca. All of the worlds best chess players of that time took part in 1892 chess tournament in Vienna. It was also in Vienna where all of the talents of Czech-born first world chess master Wilhelm Steinitz were developed and so the world championship match of Emanuel Lasker and Carl Schlechter took place there. According to Austrian chess historian Stefan Löffler, a hundred years ago there was over one hundred cafeterias, where chess were played. It was Stefan Löffler who showed the places of Vienna´s chess history to particip... [all]

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Art photographer Vladimir Gdovin

From Acts to Grandmasters

From Acts to Grandmasters

[03.07.2014] - Three marvelous series of acts of Czech actress Jana Švandová, Markéta Hrubešová and Michaela Kuklová made photographer Vladimir Gdovin famous in 90s. The three issues of Playboy magazine did not spend a lot of time at newsstands. But Gdovin, the playboy himself, headed higher. He was not satisfied with stable income and position as photographer of Czech models and actresses and so he went to New York. He had an atelier on Manhattan for several years and spent the years making photos for prestigious fashion magazines.

A few years ago, he came back to Prague, had a couple of exhibitio... [all]

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Chess Train 2014

Legendary Swedish grandmaster on board

Legendary Swedish grandmaster on board

[24.06.2014] - Legendary Swedish grandmaster Ulf Andersson (born 06/27/1951) will go on this year's Chess train. Among three dozens of already registered can be found also another grandmaster - Martin Petr, who won the Chess train tournament in 2012.

Grandmaster Andersson excelled in positional maneuvering and his firm constructions were not easy to break through even for the best players of the world. He was on top in the second half of the 70's and the first half of the 80's, when he won the tournaments in London (1982), Wijk aan Zee (1983) and when he played behind the first chessboard in the wo... [all]

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Prague tennis training of world number one

Prague tennis training of world number one

[16.06.2014] - Quick calculation of variants, intuitive decision making, but also a quick hand are needed in blitz, in which the world championship starts today. Complete world top has headed to Dubai, where neither world number one in those disciplines Hikaru Nakamura, nor world champion Magnus Carlsen will be missing. GM Nakamura has extended his stay in Czech republic after ČEZ CHESS TROPHY until this Saturday and so he was preparing for the world championship in Prague. He studied the tasks and studies of Mario Matouš from book The black and white route and trained his physical condition and quick hand... [all]

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ČEZ Chess Trophy 2014

Gentleman's gesture


[12.06.2014] - The last game of the match between Hikaru Nakamura and David Navara was played, when the had been already decided. And yet if it wasn't the most combative, the most attractive, it was surely the longest fight of both of the protagonists of this yearŐs chess festival ČEZ CHESS TROPHY. Hikaru Nakamura digressed as the first one from the line from the second game and this time with white pieces he gained the initiative on his side after 20 moves. It seemed, that following earning of a quality will decide soon about the result of the game, but inventiveness of David Navara brought auditorium to bo... [all]

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