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sights of Budapest

Chess Train 2014


Hungarian metropolis divided by Danube into two unequal halves - hilly Buda and flat Pest, attracts lovers of chess in Szechenyi spa, but also to taste spicy dishes and spicy Tokaji wine in restaurants and cafes, where you can meet famous grandmasters of the past and present, as well as chess writers, who will take you to the hidden chess shop. In Budapest live grandmasters Lajos Portisch, Peter Leko and Judith Polgar, but also unknown chess players, with whom you can play at train station Keleti. During the sightseeing, you shouldn't miss the Cathedral of St. Matthew, there is a beautiful view of the city from its tower, and if you want to understand something from Hungarian history, go together with writer and chess master Tibor Karolyi to the Heroes' Square.

At Budapest's Keleti railway station you will find chess players willing to play a game every day

Parliament - one of the landmarks of the city

Famous Szechenvi spa are not far from our hotel Conrad

Szechenvi spa are known also thanks to pictures of guests who are playing chess in the hot pools

View of hilly Buda

View of flat Pest

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