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refreshment in the train

Chess Train 2016


There is a possibility of purchasing concessionary meal vouchers from the event organisers.
Price of the vouchers is 9 Euro per day – it includes lunch meal + hot drink + cold drink. You can buy the vouchers during the registration at the Main Station in Prague the 7th October.

(United price for the meal in the train, without the vouchers, is 7,60 Euro EUR).

7. 10. 2016
Roasted rabbit lion, traditional Czech old style potatoes with baconand chives, stewed kohlrabi strips
Baked elbow macaroni with young spinach, roasted tomatoes and blue cheese

8. 10. 2016
Beef Stroganoff, wild rice
Omelet with muschrooms and vegetables, boiled potatoes, butter

9. 10. 2016
Stuffed pork fillet with boiled potatoes
Couse – couse with sundried tomatoes, olives and cheese

10. 10. 2016
Boneless chicken leg with red bell pepper sauce, old Bohemian herb dumplings
Risotto with fresh vegetables, bamboo and cheese

11. 10. 2016
Pork schnitzel with potatoessalad
Baked pancakes with spinach and blue cheese cream

Offer another refreshments – every day
Pancakes with chocolate 1pc 1,70€
Apple strudel 2pc 2€
Traditional czech honey cake Medovník with cream 1pc 3€
Salty peanuts 1,40€
Salty chips 1,40€
Snickers 1€
Croissant 1€
Biscuits Manner 1,40€

0,2l Mineral water 1,20€
0,2l Juice – orange, appel, pear 1,40€
0,2l Coca Cola, Coca Cola light 1,20€
0,2l Tonic classic, ginger 1,40€
0,15l Wine Znovín Znojmo 1,40€
0,75l Wine Znovín Znojmo P.S. 9,50€
0,3l Beer Gambrinus 1,20€
0,33l Alcohol free beer Birell 1,20€
Tea 1,20€
Espresso, cream 1,40€
Coffee, cream 1,20€
Cappuccino 1,40€
Hot chocolate 1,40€

0,05l Becherovka 2,20€
0,05 Slivovice Jelínek 2,20€
0,05l Vodka Finlandia 2,20€
0,05l Whiskey Jameson 3,20€
0,03l Cognac Hennessy 4,00€

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