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sights of Regensburg

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Sight of Regensburg

Regensburg is situated in a flat hollow at the confluence of Danube and Regen. Its historic core is one of the best preserved medieval German cities and it is considered the largest preserved medieval compact built-up area in Germany. Because of this and also because of its great cultural importance (the spiritual center of Europe in the early Middle Ages), the historic core was put on the list of UNESCO World Heritage in 2006. Regensburg is also a university town and is well-known as the final resting place of Johannes Kepler, whose death-house was turned into a museum (Kepplerhaus).

The stone bridge was constructed during the years 1135–1146. It is the oldest preserved and up to this day used bridge north of the Alps and it became a model for construction of other bridges in different European cities (London, Avignon) a probably also for the Stone bridge in Písek, Roudnice nad Labem and Charles Bridge in Prague. Thanks to this Gothic bridge, the city became rich because of toll collection.

St. Peter's Dome - The largest cathedral in Regensburg and also the only Gothic cathedral in Bavaria built in “French style”, St Peter’s Dome forms the imaginary heart of the city. From the outside of the cathedral you can admire a number of statues of saints, lavishly decorated portals, but also a range of sculptures and reliefs of various demons, dragons and other creatures. The main silver altar dominates the interior. A crypt is located beneath the cathedral, which served as a burial ground of local bishops.

St. Emmeram's Chateau - In 739, a Benedictine abbey was established at the church of St. Emmeram, which used to be one of the most important cultural centers of Europe for centuries. Theology, philosophy, mathematics and astronomy were studied here, the monastery library was in possession of one of the most beautiful books of Middle Ages – Codex Aureus. At the same time, it was the residence of Regensburg bishops until 975. During the 18th century, it has become again one of the leading science centers of Europe (among others meteorology). In 1812, the monastery was closed down and it turned into a residence of the princely family of Thurn-Taxis. It serves as a chateau to this day (said to be the largest inhabited castle in Germany).

Restaurants recommended

Thanks to its renowned chef, this restaurant now has a Michelin star.
Watmarkt 5, Regensburg, tel. +49-941 59993000

Weltenburger am Dom
A restaurant famous for its beer and traditional Bavarian cuisine.
Domplatz 3, Regensburg, tel. +49-941 5861460

VyVu Vietnam Cuisine
If you are looking for a light meal and pleasant service, try this famous Vietnamese restaurant in Regensburg.
Prinz-Ludwig-Str. 9, Regensburg, tel. +49-941 78522987

Shop with handmade chess sets
Johann Zimmermann Schachspiele
Tändlergasse 7, Regensburg

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