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sights of Salzburg

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Sight of Salzburg

Besides Vienna, Salzburg is the most beautiful Austrian city and it was endowed with a lot – harmony of nature and city, deep cultural roots or mineral wealth of salt mines, which gave it its name. Not only Mozart, the best known native of Salzburg, predicted the city a fate of global Mecca of classical music. In case you are tired of the permanent imaginary presence of the great composer in alleys of the Old Town, you can heal yourself quickly by a climb on any hill in the surroundings – the Alps begin to rise just several kilometres behind the city.

Hohensalzburg – The fortress Hohensalzburg is the largest preserved castle complex in Central Europe. The Salzburg fortress served as a defensive castle complex and a temporary residence of princely archbishops. Besides that it also served as a barracks and a jail. In its whole history, none of its besiegers ever succeed to conquer it.

Mozart's birth-house – Here, on the third floor of „Hagenauer's house” in Getreidegasse no. 9, on the 27th of January 1756, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born. The museum was opened here on 15th of June 1880. Living premises of Mozarts with original equipment are part of the museum. Among the most famous exhibits belong Mozart's childhood violin, his concert violin or family portraits. First floor of Mozart's birth-house has been dedicated to annually changing exhibitions on the Mozart theme since 1981, the second floor is entirely devoted to the theme "Mozart and theatre".

Hellbrunn – the villa Hellbrunn with a large park and a number of fountains was built as a summer residence of the local archbishop in the 17th century. However, it served as archbishop’s residence and a place for solving severe political problems of the country very rarely. With its luxurious halls, its charming gardens and unique Water games, the chateau was a place of celebrations and entertainment, feasts and supreme cultural events right from the very beginning. Water games include dozens of sneaky fountains or water nozzles hidden under the ground, which sprinkle passers-by at a time when they least expect it.

Restaurant Esszimmer
A luxurious Michelin star restaurant.
Müllner Hauptstr. 33, Salzburg, tel. +43 662870899

St Peter Stiftskeller
The best restaurant not only in Salzburg, but in Europe; it was founded in 803.
St. Peter Bezirk 1/4, Salzburg, tel. +43 662 8412680

Das Restaurant Wasserfall
A Mediterranean restaurant with an exceptional rating on TripAdvisor.
Linzer Gasse 10, Salzburg, tel. +43 662 87 33 31

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