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refreshment in the train

Chess Train 2019


The price of lunch on the train will be 10,5 EUR. At the registration it will be possible to buy a meal voucher for lunch (without drinks) for 5 days for a special price.

Roasted chicken breast with skin in rosemary, grilled vegetables
Sheep cheese gnocchi with onions

Grilled tenderloin with bacon, lemon bechamel, grenaille potatoes and roasted onion
Spinach lasagna with ricotta and sunflower seeds in tomato sauce

Chicken noodles with leek, onions and mushrooms in curry, jasmine rice
Potato pie with sweet potatoes, spring vegetables and thyme

Roast veal with coloured pepper, lentil salad, vegetables
Omelette with cheese, peas and mushrooms, potatoes

Fried pork schnitzel with potato salad
Couscous with roasted vegetables

Other refreshments

Pancake with chocolate and whipped cream 1 pc 2,50 EUR
Apple strudel with whipped cream 2 pcs 2,50 EUR
Bohemia salted peanuts 1,70 EUR
Bohemia salted chips 1,70 EUR
Snickers bar 1,30 EUR
Manner waffles 1,70 EUR

0,5 l Mattoni mineral water (still or slightly sparkling) 1,30 EUR
0,2 l Juice (orange, apple, pear) 1,70 EUR
0,2 l Coca Cola 1,70 EUR
0,15 l Znovín Znojmo, high quality wine 2,00 EUR
0,75 l Znovín Znojmo, high quality wine 11,30 EUR
0,75 l Znovín Znojmo wine, late harvest 14,60 EUR
0,5 l Pilsner Urquell beer 1 can 2,30 EUR

0.33 l Birell non-alcoholic beer 1,90 EUR
Mocca coffee, cream 1,70 EUR
Espresso coffee 2,00 EUR
Tea (black, green, fruit) 1,70 EUR

0,05 l Becherovka liquer 3,20 EUR
0,05 l Jelinek plum brandy 3,20 EUR
0,05 l Finlandia vodka 3,20 EUR
0,05 l Jameson whiskey 4,00 EUR
0,05 l Hennessy cognac 5,50 EUR

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