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sights of Trencin

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Trenčín is one of the oldest towns in Slovakia – not only we have written records about the town from the 11th century, but the real proof of its age is the Latin name of the town Laugaricio, mentioned in the Roman rock inscription from the 2nd century.

The Trenčín Castle is built on a rocky heights, under which the river Vah was floating in the old days (its trough has shifted further away). During the 2nd century the stone castle was built on the rock and it was growing since the 13th century. The castle belonged to several noble and royal families, its most well-known owner was Matúš Čák of Trenčín.

Roman inscription carved into the castle rock is dated to the 2nd century and it is the northernmost proof of the stay of Roman legions during the Marcoman wars. They spent the winter in settlement Laugaricio, which became the basis of the Trenčín town. Nowadays the inscription can be found behind the hotel Tatra.

The Plague Column with the statue of the Holy Trinity on its top is situated at the Peace square. Župan count Mikuláš Ilešházi let it built in 1712. This Baroque sight carved by Vienna masters stonemasons keeps remaining the pague epidemic of 1710.

The Peace square

The Trenčín Castle

The Plague Column with the statue of the Holy Trinity

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